Schaub’s trial postponed, to be rescheduled

On Wednesday, prosecutor Jason Haag gave an update on the lab reports for the investigation on Bruce Schaub's death. (Ashlyn Korienek/News Advocate)

On Wednesday, prosecutor Jason Haag gave an update on the lab reports for the investigation on Bruce Schaub’s death. (Ashlyn Korienek/News Advocate)

MANISTEE — Jeneva Schaub, of Manistee, appeared in Manistee County’s 19th Circuit Court on Wednesday for a pretrial conference.

Schaub was arraigned on a felony charge of homicide/open murder, following the death of Bruce Schaub. If convicted of open murder, the felony charge holds a maximum life sentence.

On Aug. 8, Bruce suffered a fatal stab wound; he was pronounced dead at Munson Healthcare Manistee Hospital shortly afterward.

During a testimony for the preliminary examination on Nov. 7 in district court, Officer David Shands II, with the City of Manistee Police department, said he found Jeneva hovering over an unconscious Bruce, with the area covered in blood.

When Shands arrived on the scene that morning, he said a 10-year-old child, who initially called 911, asked the police to help his father.

On Wednesday, prosecutor Jason Haag and Janet Mistele, Schaub’s attorney, requested a stipulation to adjourn the scheduled trial to Judge David Thompson, which was set to commence on Feb. 7.

“Last we spoke we had agreed to do a stipulation on the record to adjourn the trial date, and your Honor, the reason being there’s still some outstanding discovery from the lab that we are waiting for,” Haag said. “I have spoken to them, it seems they are being cooperative… I believe we have run into a stipulation to adjourn the Feb. 7 trial.”

Thompson said, if needed, the court could submit an order to expedite the process for lab reports related to the investigation.

Schaub’s trial could take up to six days to reach a verdict. After plenty of discussion with council, Thompson granted the request.

“I will take the matter off from the trial dockets as scheduled in February. I will identify six trial dates that we can get this matter re-set for,” said Thompson. “What I am anticipating is a trial date at the early part of April.”

Mistele said several motions still need to be filed; motions were set to be filed by Feb. 7. If an evidentiary hearing is needed, Thompson said a motion should be filed no later than Jan. 31.

Schaub’s trial postponed, to be rescheduled


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