RANDY LIEFFERS: Prevailing wage ‘keeps Michigan’s economy moving forward’


The demand for skilled workers is growing every day as billions of dollars in new construction projects pop up across the state. When I was working in the ’90s, Michigan was in a similar situation. Unfortunately, back then, our state experimented with repealing the prevailing wage and it set our construction boom into a bust.

Our representatives in Lansing must understand that the prevailing wage is a sound, time-tested policy that builds up Michigan’s working class and providing dependable opportunity for hardworking taxpayers who do everything we can to support our families.

Every penny counted during my career as an operating engineer. I spent countless nights sleeping in the front seat of my truck until my first paycheck came, and I could afford to take a room somewhere. With the help of the prevailing wage, Michigan’s working class built the roads, bridges, pipelines and airports Michigan’s economy depends on. The prevailing wage is a proven tool that attracts and retains the skilled workforce needed to keep Michigan’s economy moving forward.

We can’t repeat our mistakes of the ’90s. When highly skilled workers leave our state, the workforce suffers and so does Michigan’s economy. Skilled workers who earn fair pay for good work pump dollars back into local businesses — benefiting our local economy.

Our representatives in Lansing should not gamble with Michigan jobs and Michigan’s economic comeback.

Randy Lieffers



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