Looking Back for January 19


This photograph shows an early view of Arcadia the 1890s.

This photograph shows an early view of Arcadia the 1890s.

Jaycees host seminar

Members of Manistee’s Jaycees got a lesson in law enforcement from Sgt. James Doering of the Manistee Sheriff’s Department and Officer Martha Sanders of the Mason County Sheriff’s Department, mounted division. They were all on hand during Saturday’s Community Awareness Seminar/ID College at Manistee High School. The day-long event, sponsored by the Manistee Jaycees, featured informative lectures, pamphlets and demonstrations provided by various community organizations and businesses.


County will review freeway possibility

Manistee County will start reviewing its countywide transportation plan – in connection with the possibility US-31 may be extended into the county as a freeway, according to action taken Wednesday night at the Manistee County Planning Commission meeting. The planners took action to review the present county transportation plan after a long discussion on the possibility of US-31 as a freeway in the area.

Clohset to retire

Frederick P. Clohset, Manistee County’s Probate and Juvenile Court judge, will be retiring Jan. 20. The judge will continue to hold court beyond his retirement until a successor if named.


Limit parking on Poplar Street

Future parking on the west side of Poplar Street from the parking lot to River Street will be prohibited, police authorities announced today, explaining that the width of the street is not sufficient to permit parking on both sides and still provide a passing place. Parking will be allowed on the side of the street in the spring after the street has been widened and cleaned up.

Discuss new courthouse

Advisability of building a new courthouse to replace the present antiquated and inadequate structure was the subject of an interesting talk given by Probate Judge Max C. Hamlin last night at the regular meeting of the Rotary Club. Judge Hamlin stressed the fact that it will be only a matter of a few years before drastic measures will be necessary in connection with the old courthouse.

Compiled by Mark Fedder at the Manistee County Historical Museum


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