F.X. “FRITZ” SUTTER: Parents need to have open communication with their children


Newspaper, television and the internet has certainly covered the horrible things that took place with this “doctor” and his young patients. Found guilty, he will never see the light of day again as he is locked up for 175 years.

As a father of five daughters, I have some serious questions. My wife and I raised the girls with certain parameters, to be willing to be open with us; to let us know of anything they thought was out of line; keep the lines of communication open at all times.

If they felt it was a bit too private to tell both parents, mom was there to listen. Mom in turn could cover dad. Open and honest communications were expected. We, as parents, were blessed. All good kids; no one got hurt.

Now we look at not a few, not a dozen, but more than 100 girls were violated by this “creep.” My first question is where were the parents, older sisters, friends? Surely some conversations took place among the lady athletes themselves, conversations regarding the weird doctor.

Certainly parents or siblings must have heard something from more than a few of the 100 plus girls. If I may be so bold, I will suggest that a piece of hardware we call a trophy was the most paramount thought in many  minds, not the innocence of so many.

In conclusion, please allow me to pass along one more suggestion to all parents: Please do not totally trust your kids to the coaches or the teachers. Check them out, talk to your kids. Tell them that awards or trophies are not as important as their well-being.

Just think how many young ladies would not have been violated if one of the first ones, victim and/or family, would have said something.

F.X. “Fritz” Sutter


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