RANDY & PEACHES SANOVIC: How should we treat our exchange students?


We feel strongly that exchange students attending our public schools deserve the same “non-discriminatory” rights that our U.S. students have. Our exchange students often have to deal with new host families, new school systems, and different languages and customs. Nor should they be given preferential treatment based on their exchange student identity.

For example, if an exchange student is selected by his or her classmates for a role or award common to our U.S students, they should be allowed to accept and preform as our U.S. students do. We also believe that student bodies can be trusted to select classmates that represent the best of themselves.

Being a host family for exchange students as well as for a U.S. student at the same grade level we were very disturbed to have our current year exchange student, who is a respected straight “A” student participating in two back-to-back sports, denied a classmates’ selected school participation role solely because she was an “exchange student.” We are strongly opposed to quashing a classmate selection process (i.e., quieting their voices) because the student is an “exchange student” or only attending for one full school year.

Randy and Peaches Sanovic

Host parents and U.S. student guardians



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