DENNIS terHORST: Resident reiterates opinion on River Street signage


Ms. Jane Mueller and Ms. Ann Taylor rebutted my letter of Dec. 12, regarding one-way signage at the Maple and River street intersection in their letter, “Readers respond to letter about signage on River Street,”on Jan. 15 in the News Advocate.

Ordinarily, I would not reply as I respect others’ personal opinion. But, wrong facts invalidate an opinion. That is the reality in this case.

In their letter, they describe their serious injuries and long-time suffering from “accidents” while negotiating the crosswalk on Maple Street. I hesitate to call their encounters an “accident”. Failure to observe a pedestrian crosswalk is simple driver irresponsibility. I am sorry for their suffering, as I’m sure anyone would be.

Their stories, however, do not relate to what I described in my letter.

I spoke of the gross, inappropriate signage attempting to control Maple Street traffic turning east onto one-way River Street. The ladies, however, were run down in the crosswalk by traffic turning onto Maple. There is no relationship between one-way traffic signage and vehicles violating pedestrian crosswalks. It’s apples and pears.

So, their claim that this signage makes the intersection safer as it relates to their experiences is false. What would make the intersection safer, as regards one-way traffic, as I stated originally, is the attachment of one-way signs to the bottom of the traffic signal where everyone will see them. This common sense approach renders the safest and clearest communication to traffic.

And by the way, rids the streetscape of nine ugly, redundant, ineffective signs and affirms commitment to Manistee’s historic image and brand.

Dennis terHorst


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