WILLIAM KNODELL: School shootings must stop


While our lawmakers continue to argue the pros and cons of gun control/safety legislation and do absolutely nothing about the safety of our school children, how about considering an alternative short term solution?

Make it a national priority to retrofit all schools in the U.S. with reinforced entry and exit doors and bullet proof safe rooms. Arming teachers is a stupid idea and would just put students in a cross fire.

The assault weapons are still going to be out there, at least for the time being, as will be the potential shooters. We need to make it more difficult for them to get into a school, and, if they do, have safe rooms where students and staff can go.

The federal government can finance this in a number of ways if they get serious about protecting our school children. It would be money well spent if any more school shootings could be prevented. Better perhaps than spending money on a wall across our southern boarder.

William Knodell


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