Strandberg awarded US Army’s High Physical Fitness Award



MANISTEE — Autumn Strandberg, a 2014 graduate of Greenville High School, daughter of Kevin and Greta Strandberg, of Manistee; answered her call to duty October 24, 2017, when she joined the ranks of the United States Army; as the first female from either side of the family to serve in the U.S. Armed Forces.

During the 12 weeks of intense boot camp training, Autumn was charged with the role and responsibilities as the squad leader with B-BTRY 1-40 Field Artillary, 4th platoon (Darkside) at Fort Sill in Oklahoma. During this time, she had become proficient with a variety of weapons, land navigation as well as leadership.

The platoon’s final co-ed physical fitness test consisting of 171 soldiers, brought to light Autumn’s physical abilities; when she surpassed all other scores and exceeded the Army’s outstanding score of 300, by scoring a 352.

This deemed her worthy to receive the U.S. Army’s High Physical Fitness Award. It was with this award as well as her leadership abilities, that her Command meritoriously promoted her to the rank of Private E2 (PV2) upon graduation.

PV2 Strandberg is currently attached to the 188th Medical Battalion at Fort Sam Houston; where she is assisting and mentoring other soldiers while serving as the Platoon Guide (PG).

Along with the responsibilities of a PG, she is attending the Advanced Individual Training (AIT) school in the Behavioral Health field. During this 20-week course, she will receive the necessary tools and training, to navigate through the challenging task of interviewing and documenting information from patients suffering from psychosocial and/or physical issues.

The data she collects is transcribed into common language and standard criteria using the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM5); and leveraged by the patients’ psychologist or psychiatrist to formulate an effective treatment plan.


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