GARY MADDEN: Crisis in education in Michigan demands attention


Recently I read that Michigan ranks 43rd in the nation for providing quality education services to its children. I was shocked to learn that our state is doing such a poor job of preparing our young people for their future adult lives.

When I was working in public education, some 17 years ago, our state ranked in the low 20s. What has happened? How did we get to this sad situation? Is this really what we want for our children?

Twenty-five years in the making, the crisis in education in Michigan demands our attention. Fortunately, the citizens of Manistee County will soon have an opportunity to listen to a discussion about this important issue. The local organization, We The People, has organized a panel discussion on education in Michigan entitled “Public Education: We Will Raise It Up.” The event is free and offers the public a great opportunity to learn about one of our community’s most important assets, our education system.

The Manistee County Democratic Party applauds and supports the efforts of We The People in putting this important event together. This will be a great opportunity to get some answers to important questions and express your opinions on this important topic.

Gary Madden



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