Ramsdell Regional Center for the Arts to host volunteer event

MANISTEE — The Ramsdell Center for the Arts will host a volunteer event this week.

The Ramsdell Volunteer Get-Together will be held from 6-7 p.m. on April 19 in Hardy Hall at the Ramsdell.

This special event will be invaluable for both current and past volunteers and those interested in beginning their Ramsdell volunteer experience.

“With the help of our Ramsdell Volunteer Advisory Group, we have created new procedures and technology to give our volunteers and patrons a great experience,” said Rosalind Jaffe, Ramsdell board member. “We’ve got a new volunteer office and workspace, walkie-talkies for use during events, a new online sign up system and personalized name tags, among other items. In an hour, you learn everything you need to volunteer at the Ramsdell.”

The Get-Together is an opportunity for volunteers to meet with staff and board members and to get a behind-the-scenes updates on 2018 events. Volunteers will get the chance to mingle and meet each other over beverages and appetizers. Training days and times will be available for new volunteers and scheduled at a later day.

New volunteers are needed, and there are a wide variety of opportunities available that will fit a variety of schedules, interests and skills.

“We decided to hold the event during this year’s National Volunteer Week. There couldn’t be a better time for this gathering to honor all of the great work our volunteers do and welcome new members to our family. We look forward to seeing you there,” Xavier Verna, executive director.


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