Centra Wellness Network presents Community Services Relations awards

MANISTEE COUNTY — Over the past quarter, Centra Wellness Network (CWN) has honored several community members with a Community Service Relations Award.

This award is provided to an individual, group or organization that has demonstrated exceptional working relationships and collaboration with CWN.

The ability to collaborate with different members of the community, or to work closely with other organizations and groups, supports CWN’s purpose to help residents of all ages to achieve good mental health and participate fully within their community, said Karen Goodman, director of Systems Development.

Members of this past quarter include Tom Kaminski, former Manistee County administrator/controller and Tim Kozal, Manistee Public Safety director, and Rick Rineer, of Benzie County.

The CWN board of directors and executive director, Joseph “Chip” Johnston, were happy to provide Kaminski with an award. Kaminski’s career spanned over three administrative directors, numerous board changes and hundreds of budget reviews.

Kaminski was able to attend the January CWN board meeting to receive his award in person; board and staff were able to spend time expressing their appreciation for all his support over the years, and the satisfaction of all in having a good working relationship with him and the Manistee County Commissioners.

Kaminski announced earlier in the year his retirement, and several board members, along with Johnston, noted how important the lines of communication can be with county officials, and how the community has benefited over the years due to Kaminski’s management.

Also recognized this past quarter was Kozal, who is fairly new to his position and Manistee this past year.

However, since day one Kozal has demonstrated his investment in the community and what a strong advocate he will be in assuring people are getting the help they need, said CWN board members.

“He has quickly embedded himself into the community volunteering and participating in numerous community awareness programs,” said board members, in a press release.

Kozal was instrumental to the establishment of the Red Box program, working with representatives from SEA, law enforcement from the Little River Band of Ottawa Indians and the Manistee County Sheriff’s Office, to write a grant to fund the purchase and placement of three Red Box units in the community.

The CWN board said that Kozal has brought forward great ideas, and has already shown his dedication to be a strong community partner.

“We look to many collaborative efforts going forward,” stated the CWN board of dirctors.

The last award recipient was Rineer, who grew up in Benzie County. He is retired and has become very involved in many community events.

Rineer has started a free monthly breakfast for Benzie County first responders, and is currently working to start a community-based recycling service that would provide opportunities for CWN clientele to work or volunteer.

“Rineer provided the CWN board an accounting of how it came to be that he would develop his deep-rooted beliefs in volunteerism. He credits it began in high school,” stated the board. “He remembered clearly, when attending high school, teachers telling he and his classmates to give back to their community.”

According to Rineer, that has stayed with him all of his life, and he practices it often in Benzie County.

“Thank you to all our award recipients. We are so thankful for your assistance, partnership and friendship not only to our organization, but to the persons in our community who struggle daily and need assistance and direction,” said CWN board of dirctors. “Our partners help us in meeting all those needs.”



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