DAVID L. BARBER: Thank you to MNA staff, Greatest Generation


This week marks the 10th anniversary of the News Advocate printing its full-color, 10 inch by 13 inch, 80 page magazine that honored the “Greatest Generation of Manistee County.”

In that magazine, the staff of the newspaper delivered the very special stories of 60 local veterans of World War II — the men and women, Army, Navy, Marines, Army Air Corp, and more, who answered their country’s call to sacrifice. The magazine became the crowning achievement of a 60-week series that highlighted and honored one member of that Greatest Generation, each and every week.

Being part of the staff that produced that remarkable series — and magazine — remains, by far, the most memorable part of my career. Every writer on the staff produced stories, and became part of the project.

That same month and year the News Advocate hosted a Sunday brunch in the Manistee High School to honor those veterans, and to officially release the magazine to the public. What a marvelous day that was. Such a turnout, such a turnout.

On this special anniversary of that series and magazine, I want to thank the News Advocate management — and I especially want to thank the dedicated, talented, hard-working staff of writers — for producing the entire project. Thank you.

And to those veterans of that terrible war — to the Greatest Generation whose stories we told and those who stayed silent — a special and heartfelt thank you, to you.

David L. Barber


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