Looking Back for June 15


One of Manistee County's early baseball teams was the Records who are shown posing for this early 1900 photograph.

One of Manistee County’s early baseball teams was the Records who are shown posing for this early 1900 photograph.

Kennedy Elementary students building on book experience

Kennedy Elementary students utilized a MichCon grant for $500 in order to produce books on tape for students with lower reading levels. Part of the grant was utilized for the Kennedy students to interview Washington students and create books based on those interviews. The students were awarded the grant in January 1998. The grant was specifically awarded to teachers Barry Barto and Constance Sinner from Kennedy.


Mopping up

Mopping up of 6,700 to 7,000 gallons of spilled aviation fuel in Parkdale was completed Wednesday evening – less than 12 hours after the accident. Robert Kettner, water quality specialist for the Michigan Department of Natural Resources said he did not believe there is any threat to groundwater in the area.

State ban on fireworks

State and local police have the legal backing they need to begin sweeping illegal fireworks from Michigan shelves starting today. Not waiting for the legislature to act, Gov. William G. Milliken and Attorney General Frank J. Kelley used their emergency powers Wednesday to impose an immediate ban on the sale of hazardous fireworks.


Dog owners asked to aid

Dog owners in the city of Manistee today were asked by Herman Ketz, city poundmaster, to cooperate in the prevention of the outbreak of rabies cases in the city. Pointing to the number of cases of the disease in the southern part of the state, the poundmaster emphasizes that with the coming of warmer weather extra precautions should be taken and pets should be kept tied or on leashes.

Despres catches big fish

One of the big fish that didn’t get away is the proud possession today of George C. Despres who is displaying it to prove his prowess as a fisherman as well as Manistee Lake’s productivity as muskie water.

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