JOHN GANCARZ: U.S. should help countries in Central America


I have read in the papers and saw on TV how people are treated that are coming to America from El Salvador, Costa Rica, Panama and Mexico looking for a better life, not just for themselves but also for their grandchildren.

This is the United States of America (our country) doing these things to people who are very poor and very desperate.

If in fact these same rules and laws were in place our own grandparents would not have been able to come to America; they were poor and could not speak English and for the most part, were not well educated. And that means we would not be here today either.

Yes, we may have a problem, but would it not be a much better thing to do then spend millions of dollars to build some kind of wall?

Let’s help these countries stabilize their governments so that people living there do not have to fear for their lives. Let’s help them get their economies going so their people can work and prosper just like we do here. We have spent over 10 years and spent millions of dollars in countries like Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq, and lost American lives and what do we really have to show for it?

Don’t we think it is about time to help our own neighbors to the south of us so people do not have to come all the way to America for safety and to be able to make a decent living in the country they were born in?

Just why do you think South Korea has been doing so well? It was American money and American business that got things going after the war.

John Gancarz

Free Soil

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