Looking Back for July 9


A group of road repair workers handle a street project in the 1890s in downtown Manistee.

A group of road repair workers handle a street project in the 1890s in downtown Manistee.

New superintendent stresses communication

Progress within Manistee Area Public Schools won’t come to a halt just because voters rejected last month’s $30 million bond proposal, new superintendent Joel Raddatz said. “We must rely on ourselves and continue to do the best we can with what we have until an agreement can be reached between the community and the district,” he said.


Onekama, Bear Lake bands in festival

July 11 will be a busy and important day for members of Bear Lake and Onekama high school bands. Each band will march in Traverse City in the mammoth Cherry Festival Parade. Buses will leave both schools at 9 a.m. Friday and they will play two short street concerts before the parade, one at 10:30 and the second at 11:45 a.m. After lunch they will enter the parade line-ups.


Information cabin

A log cabin information booth, a project of the resort and tourist committee of the Board of Commerce, has been erected at Rietz Park, just north of the entrance sign to Manistee and was opened July 1, officials in charge announce. The cabin, materials for which were furnished by the Filer Fibre Company, will be attended each day throughout the summer by three attendants who will work various shifts.

Beach guards give warning

With the rising of temperatures and consequently greater crowds flocking to the city’s beaches, bathers are reminded of several rules for use of the beaches and are urged to take precautions to protect against accidents at the shores. Guards at both Fifth Ave. and First Street beaches wish to remind swimmers that dogs are not allowed on the beaches and playgrounds.

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