Looking Back for June 14


This 1890s picture shows the view looking south across the Manistee River Channel.

This 1890s picture shows the view looking south across the Manistee River Channel.

Harbor Village changes Ok’d

The City Planning Commission last week granted Manistee’s largest residential development, Harbor Village, a reduction in the number of building units so a playground and pond could be constructed. Dave Hoffman, general manager for the construction at Harbor Village, told the commission on Thursday that the developers want to revise their basic plans to put in a children’s playground and a small pond for viewing.


Traffic problems are aired

There was discussion last night at a special citizen study group centered on the possibility of obtaining a freeway through Manistee County and attempting to identify short-term solutions to traffic problems in the city areas. The special committee was appointed by the county planning commision to investigate short-term solutions for traffic problems in the area to handle traffic from where they freeway will terminate between Ludington and Scottville. Among the solutions considered were a freeway through the county, by-passes around the city of Manistee and widening of US-31 to a four-lane road.

Rickshaw, anyone?

Trekking into Manistee yesterday afternoon came Tom Hatcher pulling his bed, library and business behind him. Hatcher is walking into Mackinaw City with his rickshaw business that is paying his way from village to town to city. He started his trek from Kalamazoo on June 15 and planned to reach Manistee on July 15. He calculates he will reach Mackinaw on August 15.


Spray soon for Red-headed Pine Sawfly

Epidemic populations of the red-headed pine sawfly are again expected to hit the pine trees in northwestern Lower Michigan. Hordes of these caterpillar-like insects are capable of completely stripping the needles off of young pine trees. Red, Jack and Scotch pines are attacked. Control can be obtained by spraying with DDT or lead arsenate when the worms appear, about mid-July.


Stones on vet graves reset

A small group of NYA workers recently completed a project sponsored by the American Legion whereby tombstones on graves of war veterans have been raised, reset and cleaned. Stones in the three cemeteries, on 226 graves were reconditioned; five at Trinity Cemetery, 40 at Mt. Carmel and 177 at Oak Grove.


Air and water registered the same at Fifth Avenue Beach today, 72 degrees. An undertow was also reported.

Compiled by Mark Fedder at the Manistee County Historical Museum


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