JOSH SWENSON: Franz’s NRA ties have Russian implications


Ray Franz an agent of Russia? Sounds far-fetched, but this is how it works — Ray as you probably know is running for the Michigan Senate.

Ray has his signs everywhere. Some of them boast “Lifelong NRA member”.

So here’s the deal. Maria Butina was just arrested as a Russian covert agent. She really wasn’t so covert. Her boss is a Russian crony of Putin, Alexander Torshin. What they were up to is making “backdoor communications” through the NRA to influence the Republican Party and get Donald Trump elected.

Interestingly they were also joining Trump to build the tallest building in Moscow, and as well had bailed Trump out on some failing real estate ventures. No wonder Trump is friends with Putin, but back to Ray Franz.

Oh yeah, and there’s this also: through Maria and Torshin the Russians funneled millions of dollars to elect Donald Trump, a very much illegal campaign contribution. So here’s my take on it. If Ray Franz is a lifelong NRA member, he’s a puppet of the Russian government.


Josh Swenson


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