FRED NILES: Questions House candidate Cater’s responses on issues


Carolyn Cater’s introduction of herself in the News Advocate’s candidate questionnaire, “Cater, O’Malley on Republican ticket for state House,” was both amusing and confusing.

In her introduction she asks, “Do you think I have the ‘cojones’ (male testicles) to stand up to Lansing, when I’m the only woman on the ship with a bunch of old guys?” There are only two possible answers to that question — yes or no.

My answer to her is NO. She goes on to say she is “taking the high seas to Lansing,” and its time to “Baptize the Swamp.” Interesting phrases, but I have no idea what they mean.

Equally confusing, but not amusing, is her answer to how Michigan can improve educational outcomes and accessibility. She compares education to Consumerism and building a better “product.”

In my experience an attempt to make education a product is at the core of the problem. When it comes to consumerism we seem to be a society that seeks the lowest price — not the best quality — in selecting goods and services. In my estimation that does not lead to her idea of better schools, better teachers and certainly not better-paid teachers.

Also, I am interested in her definition of “real academics,” “real history” and where she finds the statistics to support her contention that 70 percent of high school graduates are coming out “communists.”

With all of her tough talk, Ms. Cater appears to be trying to join the “co-fraternity boys club” not seek a change.

Fred Niles

Manistee Township

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