TOM GUZIKOWSKI: Disappointed more didn’t attend Blue Lake concert


Love INC does a lot for the people in our area who don’t have much — warm clothes, hats, mittens scarves, whatever they can provide for people who have a need. They don’t have a lot of funds, so they rely on donations.

They sponsored a concert Sunday night for the people in the area to enjoy, free of charge; they were accepting donations.

The band was from Italy, through Blue Lake Arts Fine Arts Camp International program. I think the director was a professor of music. They played a beautiful montage of songs that were professionally done and great listening. Songs from musicals, television theme songs, movie theme songs and some that you have never heard before.

Their interpretation of all the music was special; as you watched them play you had to smile. They looked the part of inspired musicians, professionals who loved what they did.

There were about 35 musicians playing 20 different instruments. They mostly played wind instruments, but they sure made a lot of music with them. They had a full sound.

I enjoyed this concert very much, but I was a little embarrassed for Manistee because there was only about 55 people in the audience.

Tom Guzikowski


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