MARIAN JARVINEN: Library millage worth supporting on Tuesday


On Tuesday, we all have the opportunity to do our part as citizens and vote for the people we want to represent us in our government.

Since this is a primary election our choices may not be the final choices we have to vote for in November, but if we don’t vote for our preferred candidates in the primary, we might not see their names on the ballot in November, so it is important to support them now.

Also important are the many proposals and millage choices that are on the ballots. One of the choices for Manistee County is the millage renewal for the Manistee County Library.

This is simply a renewal request for the operating millage we already have and asks for no new or increased taxes. We are so fortunate to have the great library system that we have in our county, with branches in six communities, so everyone in our county has access to the library’s many services without having to travel far to get there.

There are also many services from the library that can be accessed right from your home computers, and at no cost to library card holders. Libraries hold so much knowledge, information and entertainment, with equal access to everyone, rich or poor, old or young, and all ages in between. Having summer reading programs for children keeps them primed for learning when they go back to school in the fall too, so they are ready roll in the classrooms.

Manistee has a wonderful Carnegie historical designated library, one of the few in Michigan still being used as a library. This is a treasure worth preserving. The other five communities with branches, Arcadia, Bear Lake, Kaleva, Onekema and Wellston, all have community owned libraries that they are proud to have and maintain, but those are only the physical buildings.

The services are provided by the Manistee County Library system and this is what the library millage supports, so it is important for everyone to get out and vote for the millage on Aug. 7.

Marian Jarvinen

Friends of the Manistee County Library

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