ERIC LAMPINEN: Support Matt Morgan for Congress


Tuesday is primary election day in Michigan.

Matt Morgan is running for our 1st District in Congress as a write-in candidate and needs your support to help launch him to the November general election.

Matt is a former Marine Corps officer who shares the values we as Americans cherish, including better education for our children, strengthening working class families and healthcare for all Americans.

Here’s how you can help. When you vote on Tuesday, go to the Democratic primary column on your ballot and find the blank space for U.S. representative in Congress, 1st District. Fill in the bubble next to the blank line, then write Matt Morgan on that line.

Tear out and take this reminder with you to the polls for easy reference. It’s quick, easy and an effective way to help assure the values important to all of us are restored to a dysfunctional Congress in Washington.

Eric Lampinen


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