Looking Back for Aug. 10


The First Street Beach area in Manistee is shown in this photograph from the mid 1920s.

The First Street Beach area in Manistee is shown in this photograph from the mid 1920s.

Manistee holds court

The Red Hacker saw its “best-ever” tournament in Manistee this weekend, according to local organizer Harold Walls. “At the peak time of the day, there was about 3,500-4,000 people there,” he said. “We had about a 20-25 percent increase in teams and there were no problems at all.” This year’s tournament featured the highest amount of teams (150) and the highest-grossing tournament in the four-year history of the event.


Oak Hill tops midget league

Posting a 6-0-1 record for the season, Oak Hill captured the Midget League title. The team is made up of: Shawn Markham, Troy Miller, Mitch Modrzynski, Mark Kolanowski, Ray Stefanski, Mark Pefley, Nick Callesen, Bob Bottrell, Pete Baker, Scott Barber, Mike Janowiak, Paul Grange, Pat Edmonson, Willie Baranek, Don Koon, Steve Miller, Stacey Frechette and Eddie Petzak. Coaches are Rich Callesen and Tom Stefanski and bat boy is Matt Stefanski.


Springboard up

Members of the WPA recreational division at Fifth Avenue Beach have installed a new springboard on the beach raft. The Northside Improvement Association wishes to thank the Eckland Sawmill for the board.

Woman catches big fish

Showing the way for male anglers, Mrs. Edward Doran of Chicago, who is resorting at one of the Grandview cottages on Bear Lake, yesterday caught one of the largest black bass taken from the lake this year. The big fish weighted five pounds and put up a long struggle before coming to net.

Compiled by Mark Fedder at the Manistee County Historical Museum


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