Head Start Centers enrollment underway

MANISTEE — FiveCAP announced Head Start Center openings. Another school year is about to begin, and FiveCAP is excited to welcome a new group of 3- and 4-year-olds to Head Start.

Studies have consistently shown that a child’s most formative years are between ages 0 and 5, and Head Start helps parents make the most of these years. When a child enters kindergarten, some of their most productive years for learning are already behind them.

In addition to a high-quality educational experience, Head Start also helps provide for some of a child’s most basic needs. Founded in the 1960s as a part of the War on Poverty, the free preschool program is open to families whose household income is at or below the federal poverty level. A vital part of the program involves addressing the needs of families raising children in poverty.

Lisa Fisher, Education/Disabilities Specialist, said that, “FiveCAP Head Start is a preschool program that runs Monday through Thursday. Free transportation is provided and children use computers and iPads in the classroom, preparing them for the technology used in many elementary schools. Healthy breakfasts and lunches are provided for free, ensuring that at least two-thirds of the kids’ nutritional requirements are met during the days they are in school.”

FiveCAP Head Start uses a research-based curriculum and employs qualified teachers and staff whose continuing quest for knowledge has resulted in an impressive list of credentials and qualifications. FiveCAP is currently seeking qualified teachers throughout our service area of Mason, Manistee, Lake and Newaygo counties with education and experience in early childhood development. Job postings are listed on their website at www.fivecap.org.

To apply for Head Start, stop by the Manistee Child Development Center (265 1st St., Manistee, 231/723-2231) or the Northern Manistee Child Development Center (8850 N. Highbridge Rd., Kaleva, (231) 362-2444. For those that live in the Freesoil/Fountain area, stop by the Fountain Child Development Center (3876 East Main, Fountain, (231) 462-3961). Information is also available by calling FiveCAP’s Mason County office at (231) 757-3785.

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