MARIAN FORTIER JOHNSON: Raises questions about events worldwide taking place in Catholic church


You know my interest in all things church and state. I have been keenly interested in the recent news of princes of the church being involved in criminal assaults and covering up evidence.

The internet is my source of various commentary and reporting. Most media are missing the nuances, not getting to the “rest of the story”.

The present “earthquake” crisis fallout in the church worldwide will be compared to that of the Reformation, sometimes called the Rebellion, depending on your point of view. The fallout will be felt locally and worldwide.

I feel overwhelmed by the enormity, wondering if there is something one person can do or should do now. First pray, then, how can one be helpful?

The best commentary I have come across so far is by Austin Ruse in “Sometimes Caesar must act,” published Aug. 28 in The Stream. The piece is titled, “How Donald Trump Could Help the Catholic Church.”

Austin says it seems many are not interested in knowing if there was a cover-up in the Vatican to protect Cardinal McCarrick. Trump can demand the documents. Ruse says Vatican offices must produce the McCarrick files for officials from the U. S. Departments of Justice and State.

Quoting Ruse: “Sometime tomorrow Ambassador Callista Gingrich should march into the Vatican Secretariat of State in Rome. Then demand the release of all documents related to now-disgraced Cardinal Theodore McCarrick … tell Vatican Secretary of State Pietro Parolin that the Vatican has one week to answer. If the answer is no, or if they are reluctant to answer, she should give them one month to reconsider. Then inform them on that day, she and her staff will leave for the United States. They won’t return until the issue is settled.”

Marian Fortier Johnson


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