Looking Back for Oct. 8


During World War I support for the boys "over there" in Europe was shown many ways including with postcards of this nature.

During World War I support for the boys “over there” in Europe was shown many ways including with postcards of this nature.

Sportsplex committee plans PR campaign

To gain support for two bond proposals on the Nov. 3 ballot, the Manistee County Sportsplex Committee has begun a three-prong theme to help get the word out about its proposed facility: Economic benefit, Improved quality of life, Benefit for seniors. The theme will be pushed heavily from now until election time.


Weather balloon crosses Lake Michigan

As Ronnie Davidson was picking apples for his father, James Davidson, Friday he discovered a government weather balloon in one of their large elm trees. He recovered the apparatus which disclosed it had been released from Green Bay, Wisconsin at 1:30 Friday morning. He discovered it at 10 the same morning. The apparatus registered it had been up 16 miles.


New location

The coal firm of Jebavy and Sorenson has taken over its new location on River Street opposite Southerton’s greenhouse. The beautiful new structure is of tile finish, inside and out, and provides the local firm with the most modern office and scale system in Northern Michigan. The appearance of the property enhances the appearance of the business street.

To form Band Parents Club

A Band Parents Club will be organized Monday night at a meeting to be held at the high school, starting at 7:30, to which all parents of band members are invited. Officers will be elected and a constitution drafted during the session.

Compiled by Mark Fedder at the Manistee County Historical Museum



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