JERRY SIEBLER: ‘Nation is under attack’


When our nation was founded it was done by a group of people wanting to form a nation unlike any seen in world history. They wanted a nation where the citizens would be free and to self govern. They felt the national government would have three functions. The new nation would deliver the mail, have one currency and protect the nation from invasion.

Fast forward 200 years. This great nation began to change, with the excuse that of progress. No longer would all murderers be put to death. The worst kind of murderers, such as men who rape and murder children will be housed in prisons for life. No longer will many of the nation’s citizens be responsible for their actions. A large percent of the citizens have adapted a way of life where government will house, feed, supply medical treatment and give them free phones.

Today we face the realization that this nation is under attack, not from people with weapons but those who just want to walk across our borders. What actions are our elected officials taking to protect the nation from this invasion?

The elected officials today do very little to serve the citizens of this once great nation. Today they serve their party and themselves. We all know of elected officials who go to Washington middle class and soon become millionaires. The money flows to their pockets by them giving favors to special interests. Politics, like welfare, should not be profession.

Oh, I forgot, the federal government does deliver the mail and we do have one currency.

God save this nation, please.

Jerry Siebler

Bear Lake

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