WALLY EATON: Parish was out of options for St. Mary of Mt. Carmel Shrine


After reading “Final Mass scheduled for St. Mary of Mt. Carmel Shrine” in the Dec. 3 edition of the Manistee News Advocate, I can not, in good faith, simply sit back and allow rumors to stir regarding the sale of St. Mary’s. I will not let the good name of our faithful church be one of speculation.

St. Mary’s has been a costly burden to the church for many years and the public knew that it would be sold in 2014. Not only that but it was up for suggestion what could be done to save the church from the local bulletins to which not one reply was given for many years now.

A higher asking price would have required that the church come up with money we simply do not have, whereas the Manistee Senior Center could afford renovations and costs associated with making the church suitable for the public.

In the event that the Senior Center chooses to sell the acreage the church resides on, half of the proceeds will go back to the church, an agreement we were very pleased with.

We would have gladly welcomed options and without one bid to purchase or save in over four years, we felt selling to the Senior Center was an answer to prayers.

Wally Eaton

Manistee and Austin, Texas

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  1. avatargrantruth

    Wally, thank you for defending the actions of those in the front lines dealing with the decline in numbers of faithful people attending churches. The challenge now is afford the remaining physical plants.

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