Brethren Elementary School teacher writes children’s book

BRETHREN — Teachers get a unique perspective into all kinds of students and the challenges they may face on a daily basis.

Brethren Elementary School teacher April Schmidt-Stoykovich recently wrote a children’s book called Knox and Robot Mox.

Brethren Elementary School first grade teacher April Schmidt-Stoykovich falls into that category like all the rest of the staff at her school. However, she recently took on a project of becoming an author and created a book titled “Knox and the Robot Mox” under the pen name of A.M. Schmidt.

This debut story is called something that is very appealing to all of the Minecraft and Roblox enthusiasts.

The book which is currently on sale at Amazon Kindle and is advertised as as a story that will appeal to the young reader.

It is a story line that centers around a young boy named Knox who lives in a small town with his family. He faces one of his first big challenges in his young life when his best friend moves away.

What adds to his dilemma is when the tough kids at school start to pick on him. The message the book delivers is your best friend does not have to be human.

As the description of the book reads on Amazon,  “Let your imagination soar in this world of adventure where a young boy and robot never give up just to be friends.”

Schmidt-Stoykoyvich’s  bio says she was born in a small town in northern Michigan to hardworking parents that raised her on a farm. She grew up with a love for animals and family.

In her spare time, she grew up barrel racing horses from a very young age. Currently, she owns a few horses she continues to barrel race and raises St. Bernard dogs.

Her true ambition and love began to shine after receiving a Master’s degree in Special Education and becoming a teacher to early elementary aged children.

Fellow teacher Bill Cunningham said the last line of that bio is an inspiration to everyone who is a teacher. It reads.

“Helping teach children to read and write and watching the spark in their eyes grow with their imagination inspired her newest passion of becoming an author.”

Fellow teacher Jenny Kemler also praised the work.

“I know the kids will be able to connect with Knox and what he’s going through,” said Kemler.  “Can’t wait to see the kid’s expressions when they find our their teacher wrote a real book. I am sure the story will touch home to many kids.”

Brethren elementary principal Jakob Veith said they plan to purchase some copies of the book and put them in the library so the other kids get the opportunity to read about Knox and learn from the message in the book.



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