Looking Back for Jan. 11


The Century Boat Factory that manufactured boats in Manistee used to be located in the 1950s at the current location of Century Terrace.

Learning fire safety

Richard Rowley, a volunteer firefighter from Mason County’s Grant Township fire department, visited the Four Stars Preschool classroom to talk about fire safety with the preschoolers. He brought in some of his equipment and answered the children’s questions. The children demonstrated the “stop, drop and roll” technique they learned in case fire gets on their clothes for firefighter Rowley.


Tippy Dam site

After finally obtaining permission to remove coal from the Manistee River just below Tippy Dam, Consumers Power went to work yesterday at the site. Negotiations with the DNR, the Dickson Township Board, and the State Attorney General’s office resulted in the permission being granted at a court hearing last Thursday. The agreement called for the removal of the coal via the use of cranes and a net placed in the river, which acted as a filter to catch any sediment loosened by the removal operation.

Bitter cold

The coldest weather since the end of World War II hit parts of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula today, dropping temps to new record lows in several cities. Temps in Manistee are currently in the low 20s and high-teens however they are expected to drop to near zero within the next few days.


Lightning strikes

A mattress in the home of Dr. E.B. Miller, Eighth Street, Manistee, was struck by lightning Monday noon and set on fire. The city fire department was called and they put out the fire at once. No damage was reported. The lightning was part of the electrical storm which visited Manistee on Monday.

Cleanup drive

Preliminary plans for a city-wide cleanup, paint up campaign to be conducted in Manistee during the coming spring were discussed last night by members of the Junior Chamber of Commerce at their regular dinner meeting at the Hotel Chippewa. The organization decided to contact national headquarters of formation regarding cleanup campaigns in other cities and it will complete its plans for the local drive after this information is received.

Compiled by Mark Fedder at the Manistee County Historical Museum



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