MICHAEL HERBERT: Encourages City Council not to ‘opt out’ of recreational marijuana provisions


This is an open letter to the Manistee City Council.

Again, as last week, I encourage City Council no to “opt out” of the recreational marijuana law.

I don’t understand the need to delay. Even without know what the state regulations are, you could proceed with the preliminary work on ordinance updating. You could proceed with the preliminary work on defining provisioning centers. You could proceed with the preliminary work of amending use table and zoning maps. You could proceed with the preliminary work of creating applications, looking at acceptable locations, licensing, buffer zones, local regulations, etc.

By not doing so, you are liable to cause further delay.

Those guiding City Council recommended extending the sunset clause of the “opt out’ ordinance from the initially proposed April 1, 2019, to July 1, 2019, causing further delay.

Why “opt out”? Is the state going to force you to allow cannabis facilities if you don’t act immediately to “opt out”?

As mayor pro-tem Linda Beaton alluded to at the January meeting, after all these years, the city still has nothing in place for medical marijuana provisioning centers. Why is that? Is it because you don’t agree with the law or is it just an unwillingness to deal with it?

It is my opinion that these procedures for delay are unnecessary and countermand the will of the people.

Please, move forward with the preliminary work without “opting out” and without further delay.

Michael C. Herbert


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