LESLIE AURIEMMO: Forest Service appreciative of community support in time of need


Employees of the U.S. Forest Service work day in and day out to sustain our national forests, preserve public waterways, prevent wildfires and provide recreational opportunities. We are accustomed to serving our fellow Americans as providers and protectors.

The recent government shutdown challenged our ability to provide for this community and protect our natural resources. Absent federal appropriations, services such as fire prevention and facility maintenance were put on hold. Moreover, many Forest Service employees struggled to pay rent and feed their families.

In our time of need, the citizens of Manistee County stepped forward to support us. Businesses waived fees, community groups provided complimentary services and neighbors shared much-needed words of encouragement. My colleagues and I are deeply grateful for your generosity and for the privilege of belonging to this community. We look forward to caring for the land and serving you in the years to come.

Leslie Auriemmo


Huron-Manistee National Forests, Cadillac

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