Looking Back for Feb. 4


The Moonlite Motel was one of the popular motels in Manistee in the 1950s. It was located by Manistee Lake on Arthur Street at the present location of the City of Milwaukee.

Two plants under new ownership

A group of investment bankers has agreed to purchase 55 percent of Tenneco’s containerboard business, with Tenneco retaining the other 45 percent, under the terms that the purchaser, Madison Dearborn Partners Inc., may use the Packaging Corporation of American name. MDP, headquartered in Chicago, purchased Tenneco’s containerboard business for $2.2 billion. Also in Manistee, Rohm and Haas signed a merger agreement with Morton International on Monday to purchase 67 percent of Morton’s common stock, beginning stage one of a two-step merger process.


Kaleva beats Onekama

After and 8-6 first period, the Onekama Portagers lost ground in the second and fourth quarters and the Kaleva Bulldogs went on to a 55-42 victory. Leading scorers for Kaleva were Gil Piesczak 22, Gerald Peterson and Roger Niemitalo 10 each; for Onekama, John Niesen 13 and Ron O’Hagen 10.


Bank at Bear Lake pays off

The Citizens Bank of Bear Lake, pioneer bank of rural Manistee County, is no more. Paying off the depositors in spot cash, 100 cents on the dollar, the staff has been busy the past two weeks paying out the money. By Feb. 1, the deposits had been reduced from something over $90,000 down to only $2,400.

Filer City Night

Grand Knight Pat Martineau announces that next Monday’s meeting of the Knights of Columbus will be known as Filer City night with the following members, residents of that suburb as committee in charge: Walter Jankowiak, Frank Moser, George Czarnecki and James Maternowski.

Compiled by Mark Fedder at the Manistee County Historical Museum



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