Looking Back for Feb. 7


City Council discusses proposed adult foster home

Lumberjacks worked throughout the winter removing logs from the Manistee forests in the 1880s.

A discussion at the City Council meeting last night centered around an application for an adult foster home, to be located in the city. The application for a state licensed adult foster home, to be located at 700 Cypress St., was made to the city building inspector by Rose Pomeroy, whose family currently runs the Dempsey House, an adult home located on Maple Street.

Good deals

The Manistee Manufacturing Co., Factory Furniture Store is having a 25 percent off custom order sale this month. Sofas, as well as all other pieces of upholstered furniture in Conover’s entire line may be custom ordered in your choice of fabric for 25% off during the month of February. Why not stop by the Manistee Manufacturing Co. Factory Furniture Store, they’re located just north of the Maple Street Bridge on Washington Street.


Lay Health Association to tour Ross Dairy

There will be a Lay Health Association meeting on Feb. 17 at 8 p.m. at the Health Department offices in the courthouse. There will be a conducted tour through Ross Dairy by Robert Sorenson. All members are urged to attend and meet at the Health Department offices at 8 sharp. Interested persons are also welcome.


Kindergarten age boosted

As the result of action by the Manistee Board of Education at its regular meeting last night, the kindergarten entrance age for children in the Manistee public schools has had been changed from four and one half years to five years, with the rule to take effect next fall.

Camera Club to start new project soon

Members of the Manistee Camera Club plan to start, in the near future, their newest project, the photographing of various industrial activities in Manistee and its suburbs, it was revealed today by C.N. Russell. The club will make visits to all local plants, securing exterior and interior views and wherever possible, showing actual processes of manufacturing. These pictures with explanatory remarks will be displayed by the Board of Commerce and then will be retained by that organization for future reference.

Compiled by Mark Fedder at the Manistee County Historical Museum




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