Looking Back for Feb. 11


The Hotel Chippewa was a very elegant hotel that was located across from the current marina in downtown Manistee. It is shown in this 1930s photograph.

Rumors abound of

Meijer store opening

Though those who show know say there’s nothing happening right now, rumors persist that Meijer, Inc., is planning a new store for either Manistee or Ludington. John Zimmerman of Meijer denied that any decisions have been made in Northwest Michigan beyond their soon-to-open Cadillac store.


Onekama residents will join in World Day of Prayer

World Day of Prayer is February 13, Christians around the world are united on this great day in a common service of prayer and praise to the Father of us all. Onekama’s observance will take place at the Church of the Brethren at 7:30 p.m. with children from the local Congregational and Brethren churches taking part in the children’s service. This service was written by a committee of children’s workers in the Division of the Christian Education of the National Council of Churches.


Cold wave

Manistee, growing accustomed to having this winter’s storms pass it by, was shaken into reality late yesterday when a cold wave that advanced slowly over the nation from the Rockies visited here in full force. But the cold weather will not last long, it was promised today by weather forecasters that tomorrow will be clear with the mercury rising. Following a downpour of rain and sleet Thursday night and Friday morning that found power cut off in the city by the night’s freakish weather, the mercury started its slide shortly after noon yesterday.

More shingles blown off courthouse

Local residents who intend to visit the courthouse during the windy days this winter had better cast their eyes skyward in self defense as they approach the building on any of its several walks. For that is the only way they may be certain they may be certain they will not be struck and possibly seriously injured by falling slates and copper shingles which are being blown from time to time off the cupola and the roof.

Compiled by Mark Fedder at the Manistee County Historical Museum.



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