Rotary Club recommissions Manistee flag

The Manistee flag, pictured right, makes an appearance at the Michigan Municipal League conference. (Courtesy Photo/Michigan Municipal League)

Manistee is iconic for its diverse waterways, including Lake Michigan, as well as several inland lakes and rivers.

The official flag for Manistee is a tribute to these unique features, and has become a symbol for the community. The Rotary Club of Manistee first created the flags 20 years ago.

“We thought it was important to have an official flag, so we had one designed and approved by the city council,” said Zamrowski.

Tom Culbert was on the Rotary board at the time, and said the city had initially expressed interest in having an official flag.

“We received information that the city was interested in having an official flag,” he said. “So we went before them and asked for permission to develop a flag and make it available for anybody in the county.”

The flag would be displayed on numerous flagpoles around the county, and would also be a ceremonial flag.

“At that time (city officials) would go to the Michigan Municipal League for a conference and they would have a parade that included the flags of each city,” said Culbert. “They wanted a ceremonial flag for Manistee, as well.”

There was a number of Rotarians involved in the process of designing the flag, including some who are still members today.

“There was around a half dozen people involved in designing it and we finally came up with the one we have now,” he said. “I also contacted the City of Wyandotte because they had just recently adopted a new flag, to help with some ideas.”

The Rotary Club recently decided to recommission the City of Manistee flag and make them available to the public again.

“It’s been 20 years and of course most of the flags have been used up,” said Zamrowski. “We thought it might be a good time to bring them back, to have them on sale. I remember when we first did it a lot of the merchants downtown purchased flags, and it looked really nice to see them downtown.”

The new flags are the same design, and are being sold at-cost. The flags can be purchased from Zamrowski, by calling (231) 723-2069, or other Rotarians.

“The city has bought some so there are quite a few flags flying locally at the marina and other locations, I think it’s quite nice,” said Zamrowski.

The flags are now available, and come in two sizes.

“This year we’ve ordered the large one as well as smaller ones for boats that are for sale at the Marina,” said Culbert.

The flag is iconic for Manistee, and highlights the prominent features of the area as a shoreline city.

“It adds a better identity, when people see the flag they recognize a part of Manistee,” he said. “It’s a big part of our port city, and when people see it on the boats that also gives us some publicity.”

Zamrowski felt that it also gives residents a sense of unity, celebrating the unique community.

“It’s something that adds to the beautification of the area,” he said.


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