Kennedy Elementary students enjoy career day

MANISTEE — So what do you want to be when you grow up?

A career in cosmetology was one of the many careers shown to the Kennedy Elementary School students.

That is question often posed to young children as a way to start those young minds thinking about the future. Sometimes an early seed planted in a child’s mind can lead to a lifelong occupation.

Students at Kennedy Elementary School had the opportunity to hear from people in 20 different careers about what the do in their job and why they decided to go into that line of work. It was all part of the second annual Career Day at the school.

Kennedy Elementary principal Kevin Schmutzler said they actually had more people want to come in to talk to the students about their careers than what they had in available space for them to present.

“We have 21 different presenters here today and we actually had to turn some away,” said Schmutzler. “We based in on a survey of results from the kids on what type of careers they wanted to hear about.”

Scott Heintzelman of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources Fisheries Division talks with the students about what types of things he does in his job. Students had the chance to ask questions and learn more about each career they visited during Career Day.

Schmutzler said they were able to get all of the careers represented that the kids wanted to see.

“We have law enforcement, military, dentists, doctors, nurses, cosmetology, veterinarians and just about everything else,” said Scmutzler. “Students had the opportunity to sign up for three of 21 presenters to hear during the morning to learn more about what they do.”

Schmutzler said he hopes some of the students will have their interest sparked and it will start them down the path to a future career and inspire them to study hard to make their dreams come true.

“It really means a lot to kids in the third, fourth and fifth grade to think what is out there,” said Schmutzler. “Every job that is out there starts out with a solid elementary base of reading, writing and math. That is what a lot of the presenters are doing today that it is important for the students to have good reading, writing and math skills in what they do to be successful.”

Besides speaking to the students about what they do, the presenters also brought many things they use in their jobs to show the students.

Former teachers even came to speak to the students about careers in education and Linda Kruse showed the students how she used to use music in the classroom.


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