DDA talks trash (collection)

A man and woman walk in downtown Manistee checking out the local shops. A lingering subject, DDA board members talked about downtown trash collection on Wednesday. (News Advocate File Photo)

MANISTEE — Manistee’s Downtown Development Authority discussed options for downtown trash collection this week.

Board members voted 6-2 on Wednesday, to support the Manistee ad hoc refuse committee’s recommendation to eliminate trash pick up on River Street through a city ordinance amendment.

Board member Shari Wild made a motion to approve the agenda item on Wednesday.

Wild’s motion was to “eliminate trash pick up on River Street through a city ordinance change, (constructing) two garbage corrals within the district.”

The motion also detailed the DDA’s participation in capital costs of constructing two garbage corrals — which would be placed in two separate locations — in the amount not to exceed $80,000 from the fund balance.

T. Eftaxiadis, DDA secretary, and vice chair Barry Lind voted no.

“There’s no perfect fit for what’s going to work for every single business,” said Jeff Mikula, Department of Public Works director. “I think if funds were identified, the design bidding process could be done simultaneously with the ordinance revisions. Once the ordinance is in place, then we could proceed with construction.”

The goal is to complete the project by summertime, however Matt Biolette, of Republic Services, said the next step is for Manistee City Council to approve an ordinance amendment.

“The ordinance would have to come first in order to mandate it,” Biolette said. “Then that’s going to take 60 days to push an ordinance through.”

In August, council members considered an ordinance amending chapter 1060 “Garbage and Rubbish Collection and Disposal,” which required businesses owners to use sealed receptacles or containers in the Central Business District.

The ordinance amendment would have established violations as civil infractions.

Council members tabled the vote on Aug. 22, as many business owners were not on board with the idea. As a result, the ad hoc refuse committee was formed to solve the issue.

The DDA design committee then approved a recommendation to the DDA board on Feb. 28, which outlined the ad hoc committee’s findings and proposed solution.

Mikula said several downtown businesses do not have the space to store trash containers.

“There are some buildings that do not even have the ability to store those containers,” he said. “One that stands out to me is the Vogue Theatre. It was very interesting how every different type of business and every block has to deal with something a little different.”

If approved, both garbage corrals would include a minimum of two dumpsters, which would come to a cost of around $36,000 for each corral. Trash would be collected twice a week.

One location discussed was the parking lot behind PNC Bank at Poplar and Water streets, and another in the parking lot behind Manistee Tire at Clay and Division streets.

Lind said some committee members were not on board with the proposed locations.

“We are supportive at the committee level of the components, not necessarily happy with the proposed locations,” Lind said. “I am not sure we are totally locked in on those locations.”

Mikula said the locations could be re-evaluated.

“The consensus of the ad hoc committee is that centralized collection would work best,” he said. “Pretty much from U.S. 31 to Maple Street would be the district that would be effected by that. Before the construction is awarded, if we find a better site, there’s nothing wrong with that.”

A final decision has not yet been made. Before any further steps are taken, an ordinance would need to be approved by city council.



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