Five arrested for meth ring in Benzie County

BEULAH — Five people were arrested on Thursday on multiple drug related charges after several police


executed a search warrant at a residents in Beulah.

Traverse Narcotics Team detectives located multiple people in the residence, some of whom were actively injecting methamphetamine, one of who whom attempted to destroy meth-related evidence and another who was in the midst of an overdose episode, according to a press release from the Michigan State Police. The overdosing man was immediately taken to a nearby hospital by ambulance.

Detectives located nearly eight ounces of suspected crystal methamphetamine, an operational butane hash oil lab (high explosive


risk) and drug distribution packaging materials. Over $8,000 in currency was seized as suspected drug

sales proceeds, according to the press release.

Ronald Snyder, 54, of Beulah, was charged with operating a drug house, conspiracy to deliver methamphetamine over 50 grams, possession of crystal methamphetamine over 50 grams, delivery of methamphetamine, operating a Butane Hash Oil lab and smuggling drugs into a correctional facility. Synder’s bond was set at $1 million cash.

Paul Nanni, 43, of Thompsonville, was charged with conspiracy to deliver


methamphetamine over 50 grams, possession of crystal methamphetamine over 50 grams and delivery of methamphetamine.

Nanni’s bond was set at $250,000 cash.

Martin Gregorski, 43, of Manistee, was charged with possession of methamphetamine, delivery of methamphetamine, obstructing police (evidence destruction) and unrelated warrants. Gregorski’s bond was set at $200,000 cash.

Lottie Zavala-Aguilar, 36, of Honor, was charged with possession of methamphetamine and an unrelated probation violation matter. Zavala-


Aguilar’s bond was set at $100,000 cash.

Michelle Conrad, 36, of Elberta, was charged with possession of methamphetamine and possession of suboxone. Conrad’s bond was set at $100,000 cash/10 percent.

TNT was assisted by Straits Area Narcotics Team, the Benzie County Sheriff’s Office (including its canine unit) and the Michigan State Police.

The Traverse Narcotics Team is a multijurisdictional drug task force comprised of officers from Wexford County, Osceola County, Missaukee County, Antrim County, Grand Traverse County, Kalkaska County,


Leelanau County and Benzie County, along with Traverse City Police Department and the Michigan State Police.

The Traverse Narcotics Team needs help from the public to eradicate the illegal drug epidemic in Michigan and asks that anyone with any information pertaining to illegal drug activity call its drug tip line at 800-528-8234.

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