JUDY CROCKETT: Manistee County offers many drug-related resources for those in need


Last week, Manistee County agencies and organizations pulled together to host the second Regional Opioid Symposium in Manistee at the Little River Casino Resort. In attendance were doctors, social workers, law enforcement, nurses, city and county administrators, board members, court system employees, school administrators, students, tribal employees, health department and mental health workers, many coming from throughout the state.

As well, a number of parents and family members attended who knew first-hand the pain that penetrates every cell of their body after the loss of a child or loved one from a drug overdose. This pain is only deepened when they know the addiction started with a legitimate prescription to an opioid pain killer.

As one mom said to me, doing the advocacy like the symposium helps get her through the day. These parents are working hard to see that no other family has to face the pain they are facing.

One thing you can do to help protect your family is to complete the NonOpioid Directive Form and make it part of your medical records. The form (new in March) can be found online at Michigan.gov www.michigan.gov/opioids/0,9238,7-377-88140—,00.html

Events like the symposium have helped to bring awareness of the opioid crisis to light. It helps improve laws, reduce usage, bring more resources, connect more people and, most importantly, it helps to save lives.

There are numerous resources available in Manistee County. If you need information or help — reach out — many caring agencies and individuals are ready to help and understand.

Judy Crockett


Manistee County Human Services Collaborative Body

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