ROSEMARIE DELOOF: Attorney general investigation shows bias against Catholics


Why is neither Gov. Gretchen Whitmer nor Attorney General Dana Nessel asking for an investigation of Michigan public schools? That’s because they are too busy hounding the Catholic church.

I believe Michigan has a problem with public school students being sexually abused. According to a 50-state analysis of this issue conducted by USA Today published in 2016, Michigan was rated among the worst in the nation. It received a grade of “F”.

Nessel’s investigation of clergy sexual abuse does not include ministers, rabbis, or imams, only Catholic priests. Whitmer has also requested a $2 million supplemental allocation to pay for the Catholic probe. The church has made great strides in recent decades so that it is almost non-existent today. The same is not true of other institutions. The attorney general is showing her bias on her website. Under initiatives she lists five issues, the first being the Catholic Church Clergy Abuse. There is also a form where the public can submit information about alleged offenses. Michigan State University has a similar form, but there is no form for anyone else.

Why only Catholic priests? Nessel is basing her arguments on the decades old cases of abuse in Pennsylvania dating back to World War II, so what does this have to do with Michigan? So, if there were cases in Pennsylvania surely there must be cases in Michigan. It seems they are one and the same as can be said for the public schools. So why aren’t the lawmakers being asked to investigate them?

Bill Donahue, president of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights says he “has written to Gov. Whitmer and the entire state legislature asking for an investigation of sexual abuse in the public schools.” He continues, “if they decide to cherry pick the Catholic church, they would be guilty of religious profiling”. He concludes by saying, “the courts may see them as engaging in religious discrimination. Surely many Catholics, and non-Catholics, would”.

Rosemarie DeLoof

Victory Township, Mason County


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