100 Years Ago

The following news items are reprinted from the Manistee Daily News for the week April 18 through April 24, 1919 and are compiled by Teena Kracht from the newspaper archives of the Manistee County Historical Museum. Read more of her 100 Years Ago column atwww.manisteenews.com:

“What promises to be the gayest social event of the season will take place shortly after Lent. The function will be known as an ‘Easter novelty dance,’ and will be held Friday evening, April 25, at the Chippewa hotel.

“Among the features already planned are moonlight dances, torch dances, singing dances, noiseless dances, singing and special musical numbers. If confetti and serpentine rolls can be procured, these will be added to give the affair a Mardi Gras atmosphere. Several other features will be interspersed.

“Throughout the evening punch will be served, and delectable refreshments will add to the affair during intermission.

“Not even an overlong, labored and intensely partisan harangue in opposition to the League of Nations made by Congressman James C. McLaughlin at the mass meeting in Ramsdell theater last night could blunt the edge of the enthusiasm of the large audience assembled for the purpose of ‘pepping up’ for the Victory loan drive nor deprive them of the pleasure they felt in once more being seated in the playhouse which has so long been closed to public use.

“Congressman McLaughlin consumed an hour and five minutes in the presentation of specious arguments against the league of nations before yielding to the Victory Loan speaker of the occasion, Hon. William Forskell of Chicago, a dynamic personage who preached the gospel of the Victory Loan in regular Billy Sunday fashion and literally woke up the audience.

“The recent rains and snows will be a help to the dandelion crop.

“To some, Easter is a religious holiday; to others it is just a wife’s excuse for wanting another bonnet.

“The story is repeated that Germany is building a new army to fight the Allies. Next thing we’ll hear probably is that the German navy is itching for a fight.

“How much brighter and altogether more lovely the world is today than it was yesterday. The sun shines and by simply turning a button we can get artificial light, which we couldn’t get in the gloom of yesterday. Jupe Pluvius apparently has decided that he got his dates tangled, and that it is not yet time for the opening of the baseball or picnic seasons, and has called off his program of snow and rain mixed. Yes, indeed life is much fairer today.

“As in previous campaigns the password for the Victory Loan drive is Sign and Dig.

“Your First Duty Monday, Volunteer Day—Buy Victory Bonds.

“The stage is set for a gratifying response to the call for volunteer subscriptions to the Victory Loan Monday, Volunteer Day, and indications today are highly favorable to Manistee city and county meeting the demand upon them as handsomely as they have done in the previous Liberty Loans.

“Fire originating about noon today from sparks on the roof of the home of Mrs. Kate Polyczinski in the northeast corner of Eastlake, caused the destruction of four suburban dwellings, three of which were vacant, threatened for a time a widespread devastation and spread a thick pall of smoke over Manistee lake, which made it appear as though a great conflagration was raging in the village. “None of the houses was considered worth more than $300.

“The Eastlake volunteer fire department made a quick response to the call and did valiant work in preventing the spread of the flames in the teeth of the fierce east wind which prevailed. They were speedily reinforced by the Manistee fire department, and the work of the firemen confined the property loss to the block in which it originated.

“GET ALL YOUR HOUSE-CLEANING SUPPLIES HERE. We have a full line of the famous Miller Surgeon’s Grade Rubber Goods. Formerly only surgeons could have them. Today Miller offers them to homes as well. For a better and easier house-cleaning you will want a pair of Miller Rubber Gloves and some of Miller Rubber Sponges. City Drug Store.

“Michigan air, says Miss Carol F. Walton, former secretary of the Michigan Anti-tuberculosis association, now in Arizona. Is just as good for tubercular troubles as the air in the west, and that we should stay right here at home and breathe plenty of it. This is undoubtedly true, and when someone devises s scheme to ship the air out, say to Chicago to a commission house, as we do our potatoes, fish, etc., and got it canned, stamped, labeled and shipped back in at a greatly increased price, we’ll all be fighting for it.

“$256,600 SUBSCRIBED IN MORNING. MORE THAN HALF OF QUOTA RESULT OF INITIAL DRIVE. Returns From First Seven Hours of Volunteer Day Campaign Brings Raising of $412,200 Demand In Sight—Boy Scouts Break All Previous Records With $26,600

In At 2 O’clock. “CHICAGO, April 21.—Chief of Police Garrity has been conferring with police captains to plan means of stopping the crime wave here.

“Since January 1, 105 homicides and hundreds of burglaries and holdups have been committed. Chief Garrity blames ‘post-war conditions’ and expects crime to increase because of unemployment.

“Under an azure sky, not even flecked with a suggestion of a cloud, Manistee celebrated Easter Sunday. It was a beautiful day; it was a faultless day.

“Threats that umbrellas would constitute part of the Easter clothing equipment were made Saturday. However, through the night J. Pluvius spent his supply, and Manistee woke up the next morning to find an effulgent sun and a mild wind holding sway. This, by the way, marked the fifth successive rain on Easter eve.

“Church attendance, lilies, hot cross buns, spring bonnets, white-furred bunnies and eggs are synonymous with Easter. Favored by April’s best brand of weather, the church attendance was huge.

“To those who waited so patiently to display millinery and other spring finery, Easter Sunday furnished the desired reward. Flowers of all descriptions and colors stood out vividly against a background of hats of varied styles and shapes. Raiment of unusual and conservative cut moved in the dress parade, prevailing in which was a new design in Spring capes known as a Dolman which has a semblance to a similar style seen several years ago.

“There was an abundance of eggs and hot cross buns, but no cases of illness from over-eating were reported to the physicians.

“Lilies were scarce, but the scarcity was unnoticed in the wealth of other blooms which predominated.

“Easter Sunday this year was all that could be asked for.

It was a joyous occasion for the devout worshipper and for those in the dress procession. Thoughts of a past war were forgotten in the celebration of a new era. Many who had been in that war were home again with their loved ones, happy that peace reigns.

“WASHINGTON, April 21.—The State Department Saturday reiterated its statement asking that the public abstain for the present from all unnecessary travel to Europe It was said that applications for passports were being received in such large and daily increasing numbers that it had been deemed necessary ‘to emphasize the fact that passports cannot be issued for Great Britain, France, Switzerland, Belgium of Italy unless documentary evidence is furnished by applicants which will satisfy the department of the urgent necessity for visits to these countries.’

“Favored with weather of the finest variety, and with Manistee stores holding out bargain invitations as an added inducement, the annual meeting of the Manistee County Farm bureau in the city today is more than measuring up to the highest expectations. A gathering representing every part of the county was in evidence about the downtown streets early this morning, and morning and afternoon sessions at the Lyric theater were finely attended and great interest was manifested.

“The rest rooms in Midway hall, over Frank’s Store, were thronged throughout the day by women and children, wearied by their shopping forays, and the conveniences placed at the disposal of the city’s guests were greatly appreciated. During the noon hour, when coffee and refreshments were served to visitors, the big hall was crowded to ear capacity.

“Movie films of special interest to the visitors were shown through the courtesy and co-operation of Manager Otto Lauer of the Lyric, including ‘Livestock,’ ‘A Perfect Day,’ Pig Clubs,’ ‘Poultry,’ and a Pathe current events reel.

“In the boxes of early strawberries from the south the albino ones are at the bottom.

“Why not dispose of the dove as the emblem of peace and adopt the snail?

“Social Welfare League would like to receive assistance in furnishing clothing for members of a family who lost most of their possessions in a recent fire at Eastlake. The clothing needed is for girls of 16, 10 and eight years old, also for a boy of 13. Anyone who will contribute to this worthy cause are asked to communicate with Mrs. Frank W. White, secretary of the Social Welfare league.

“Only time will tell whether the war or the peace conference bred the most sore spots.

“DETROIT, April 23.—Much interest was shown here today and throughout the state over announcement by members of the 85thh division of their intention to form a social and political club in this state.

“Leaders of the movement are Sergt. Major John A. Hamilton,

Detroit, Private Frank F. Robinson, Bay City, and Sergt-Major Nels P. Rasmussen, Manistee. “That the club will go strongly into politics has been announced publicly. One of the leaders said, ‘We are not going to try any camouflage. We are willing to admit that politics will be one of our chief aims.’

“Statements from a few of the men active in the organization of the new club shows the men against compulsory military training. They are also opposed to a military president and declared themselves against either General Pershing or General Wood for president on any ticket.

“Made notable by the great response from the Woman’s committee, the results of yesterday’s and today’s victory loan campaigning brought Manistee county closer to its desired quota. At a late hour today the total amount of subscriptions reported was $348,200, leaving exactly $64,000 to be raised between now and May 6.

“’Lest We Forget,’ or The Victory Loan, a play in one act by Helen Bagg will be given April 26, matinee and evening at the Lyric theatre, under the direction of Misses Helen Lloyd and Marion Galton.

“The time of this play is just two days before the end of the Fifth Liberty drive. The place is the county seat of Roswell county. The scene is Mrs. Barnard’s home, late in the afternoon.

“Though business scarcely approached that of similar events of past seasons, Dollar Day yesterday was (as expressed by one merchant) a much bigger success than was anticipated. Buyers from all parts of this county and from Mason county as well joined with Manistee city shoppers in making the bulk sales for the day very gratifying to most lines of merchandising.

“The event thought not desired just now was planned as an accommodation to out-of-town visitors [coming to the Farm Bureau annual meeting]. There is no evidence that they were lacking in appreciation.

“Later in the season, it is planned, another community sales event will be arranged—probably in late May or early June.

“Now that spring is here we are looking for the first woman to wear her new fall hat.

“Some people are born tired and others seem to have been born to make others tired.

“Military drill of a perfection that easily excelled that shown by many of the ‘rookies’ in the army camps was demonstrated last night at the Lyric, when Captain Will Wenzel’s Liberty Cadets staged their performance. Two companies, one girls and the other boys, participated in the affair which was high class in every way.

“Nattily dressed in their khaki uniforms, bearing their rifles like seasoned veterans, and expressing determined military mien, the cadets went through the manual of arms and the marching formations with precision and neatness.

The snappy commands of Capt. Wenzell were executed on the moment, with movements that indicated thorough knowledge of the drill.

“A large and appreciative audience filled the playhouse. Applause and encores followed every number, which fully indicated the performance was of more than usual note.

“It was a real treat and showed persevering and painstaking work on the part of Capt. Wenzel. His efforts are to be commended, as he has imparted to his youthful organization his knowledge of military maneuvers gained during his army career.

“About 125 boys of the Woodrow Wilson high school met in general session yesterday afternoon in response to a summons issued by Supt. S. W. Baker.

“…Supt. Baker had received numerous complaints from citizens of the city to the effect that high school boys had lately been in the habit of visiting certain boat docks for the purpose of obtaining liquor, which it is said, is being smuggled in.

“Supt. Baker …put the matter directly to the boys and asked them in general if they thought any in the high school ever stooped to such a thing. With one accord the body arose and answered in the negative. Supt. Baker then told them that if they knew something of this affair to come to his office and advise him.

“Just when we have become acclimated to spring, winter plays a return engagement. Today is everything it ought not to be, from the weather viewpoint, at this season of the year, a bitter northwest wind and snow flurries conducing to general discomfort.

“The biggest fish are caught with hook and lyin’.”

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