Volunteers pick up trash at Magoon Creek Natural Area

Adopt-A-Beach volunteers for the Magoon Creek event pose for a group photo following the clean up effort. (Courtesy Photo)

MANISTEE — While Earth Day is today, this weekend local residents banded together to pick up trash and keep Manistee’s natural resources clean for all of those who enjoy them.

A clean up event as part of Adopt-A-Park was put on at Magoon Creek Natural Area and Park on Saturday morning, sponsored by Packaging Corporation of America Filer Mill.

Sherri Wehrmeister, event organizer, said this was her first time hosting an Adopt-A-Park event. Despite that, 35 people were in attendance and all managed to collect 120 pounds of trash.

Volunteers cleaned from the Magoon Creek to the PCA pipeline, picking up anything from plastic to metal, and avoiding any dead or live animals along the way.

“I chose Magoon Creek Natural Area because I live across the street and I am at this park all year,” she said. “I love this park and I want to take care of it. I was not sure what to expect with the turnout, but we asked people to sign up (online). We had a few people just drop in that I did not know were coming.”

People were provided gloves and garbage bags to collect trash, and were instructed on a route to take. Afterward, they were all invited to enjoy homemade food at the park’s gazebo. The weather was sunny and fairly warm, which made it even more enjoyable, Wehrmeister said.

“They probably cleaned about a mile or so,” she said. “PCA provided lunch, the gloves, they are in Filer Township and this is just another one of their community events.”

The Magoon Creek Natural Area is a hidden wonder of Manistee, which many visitors might not know about. Wehrmeister said the park is well attended by many people year-round.

“This beach is well traveled. A lot of people do not know about it, but there’s a lot of wildlife out here like coyotes and even a neighborhood bear,” Wehrmeister said. “It’s my favorite place to come. This is an undiscovered jewel.”

Without clean up events, Wehrmeister said it would be difficult to keep areas like parks or beaches clean.

“Anybody in any community, you need to take care of your neighborhood,” she said. “I love living in Filer Township. The beauty out here is great, the sunsets cannot be beat.”

Following the clean up, each person tallied up what they found and it was recorded for Adopt-A-Beach Alliance for the Great Lakes, which collects data on each event held annually. The spring kick off for Adopt-A-Beach was on April 13.

Additional Adopt-A-Beach events are held in Manistee at First Street Beach and Fifth Avenue Beach during the summer months.

To get involved, go to www.greatlakes.org/get-involved/adopt-a-beach/.


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