Looking Back for April 24


Steam ships like this one carrying passengers from various ports around the Great Lakes were common visitors to Manistee in the 1890s.

Local patrol girl wins trip

A 12-year old Washington School student has been honored as one of the state’s 50 best safety patrollers and will receive a four-day trip to Washington D.C. and a civil war battlefield from the Automobile Club of Michigan. Andrea Kraynak will be among 50 other safety patrollers who will make an all expense paid, four day trip as guests of the Michigan Auto Club.

Bear Lake won’t seek additional school mills

The Bear Lake Board of Education last night decided not to ask for any additional millage in this June’s school elections. The board decided to request the renewal of the 19.75 voted mills that the district has been operating on for the last two years.


County’s valuation is up

Equalized valuation of the county has been set at $41,808,034. This is $1,701,230 greater than last year’s. All but $164,102 raise was in the rural part of the county as their equalized figure was up $1,537,128. This raised the rural ratio to 55.68% (plus) from 54.21% last year and lowered the city’s from 45.79 last year to 44.31 this year.



Wet weather, such as Manistee County farmers have had recently, brings with it a poultry disease called, “coccidiosis”, according to an announcement from Wayne Crampto, county agent. He recommends dried milk as a cure, advising that it should comprise fully 40 percent of feed for a period of from 24 hours to 48 hours. Then if favorable results have been obtained, regular feed may be given the poultry.


Visitors to local police headquarters today were again obliged to use the entrance to the commission chambers on Water Street to gain admittance because the recently built steps leading to Chief Roy Hebner’s office received a fresh coat of paint early this morning.

Compiled by Mark Fedder at the Manistee County Historical Museum



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