Manistee Rotary Club awards scholarships

MANISTEE — The fourth step of the Rotary test of things we say or do is “will it be beneficial to all concerned?”

The Manistee Rotary Club recently awarded scholarships to six students. Students receiving scholarships included Ashley Walle, Anselmo Sarabia, Maggie Domres, Mariah McLouth, Jacob Riggs and Megan Huber.

Part of that thought process goes into the local Rotary scholarship program by helping today’s youth with their educations and by giving college scholarships to the Life Leadership Program of the Rotary Club. It goes to that fourth step which is investing in today’s youth that will eventually be beneficial to all concerned by helping create tomorrow’s leaders.

This year the Manistee Rotary Club issued four $500 college scholarships to area high school seniors. Those seniors included Anselmo Sarabia (Manistee High), Ashley Walle (Manistee High), Maggie Domres (Onekama High) and Jacob Riggs (Brethren High).

Rotary scholarship chair Thad Taylor said they had 32 applicants from around the county for the four scholarships.

“This is something we have done annually,” said Taylor. “Once they are enrolled we will send the check to whatever institution they are going to. They are available to any student of any in-county schools and what we are hoping to do in the future is get the word out more that we are offering these scholarships.”

The club also issued two Life Leadership Program scholarships for $375 that went to Bear Lake Schools junior Mariah McLouth and Manistee High School junior Megan Huber.

“That is the cost of the three-day leadership conference from June 12-15 in Tustin and we targeted juniors to go,” said Taylor. “It brings students from all over the state to focus on leadership, as we are trying to focus on our next wave of leaders.”

Rotary Club members felt that would be the right age to focus on.

“We felt that was the right age where they can come back with one year left in their schools, where they can put to use what they learned  and can continue on as they progress,” said Taylor. “It gives them a leg up on a Rotary scholarship if they want to apply next year. We are also asking them to come to one or two of our Rotary meetings and one of our projects.”

Taylor said the Rotary feels leadership is something that will help students grow and learn.

“Our plan is to show them what people in Rotary do to serve and lead in their community and how  that community service relates to leadership,” said Taylor.

Students need to apply for both the Life Leadership and regular scholarships in the same manner. Taylor said they hope in the future the applications will continue to grow.

“We felt we had some great candidates for both our Life Leadership and scholarships,” said Taylor. “I met all but one of them and they seemed like very good people.”



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