Looking Back for May 16


This early 1950s picture of River Street shows it when there was two-way traffic on the street. It also includes views J.J. Newberry, Montgomery Ward, Kennedy’s stores as well as the Manistee County Savings Bank.

Glocheski to retire

City Manager Chester Glocheski informed the City Council last night that he will be retiring from his position in three months. Glocheski, who has served as Manistee’s city manager for 10 years stated that his resignation would become effective on August 13. The search for a successor to Glocheski now faces the Council and the city manager had these words of advice to give to whoever follows him in the office: “He has to work with the citizens of our community. He must try to do what they want, and be able to assess their needs. There are a lot of expensive projects coming up, the number one priority being the sewage system. This affects everyone and is essential to our city.”


The Crewnecks at BL prom

“Forever Spring” will be the theme of the junior-senior prom at Bear Lake High School on May 16 which will be held at the gym from 9 p.m. to 12 a.m. Music will be by The Crewnecks, a collegiate orchestra from Manistee. Admission is $1.25 per couple, 75 cents for single. Everyone, 9th Grade and up, is invited.


Operators invited

The Vogue Theatre has issued an invitation to all Manistee telephone operators to attend as guests, the showing of the movie, Alexander Graham Bell. The film on the life of the inventor of the telephone is of special interest here because the Bell Telephone Company is now engaged in installing a new switchboard and other new modern equipment in its plant here.

New uniforms

Officers of the local police department, decked out in new uniforms, went about their duties today with little shafts of sunlight glancing off their shiny gold buttons. Members of the force, feeling that Manistee should be represented by neat appearing policemen, and feeling the meticulous appearance inspires respect, went into their own pockets for the new regalia. The new uniforms are composed of a dark blue blouse with gold buttons, and light blue shoulder insignia with the words, “Manistee Police” in dark blue.

Compiled by Mark Fedder at the Manistee County Historical Museum


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