Frankfort Coast Guard Station opens for season

FRANKFORT — The Frankfort Coat Guard station is now staffed for the summer boating season.

Adrian Ledesma, public affairs representative with the Manistee Coast Guard Station, said the station came online on Saturday.

“There will be around nine Coast Guard members staffing the Frankfort station,” Ledesma said. “There will be two rotating crews of four people, a station supervisor and a command representative.”

The staff at the station will be able to perform the primary role of maritime search and rescue, as well as maritime law enforcement, homeland security missions and environmental protection, as

The Frankfort Coast Guard Station is now staffed and will perform maritime search and rescue operations, as well as homeland security end environmental missions. (Colin Merry?Pioneer News Network)


“It is getting close to summer, and, in the past, we made some stations seasonal and  consolidated staff in Manistee during the non boating season,” Ledesma said. “It was part of the Coast Guard Great Lakes initiative to consolidate and distribute staff. Staff the smaller stations when we typically see more boating traffic, so there can be a greater and more localized Coast Guard response.”

The Frankfort station was made a seasonal station two years ago. During the off season, Coast Guard staff dispatches from Manistee and Traverse City.

The station will be staffed between now an Labor Day.

Ledesma said people can contact the Coast Guard by calling 911 or contacting the Coast Guard directly by radio on channel 16.

He also said there are some dangers to be aware of during the early boating season.

“We still have really cold water, so dress for water temperature, not the air temperature,” Ledesma said.

“Water is still in the 40s offshore. If you fall overboard or the boat capsizes, hypothermia will set in very quickly.”

He also said there are still sporadic small craft advisories and some storms on the tail end of nasty winter weather.


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