Students voice concerns over protecting the environment

MANISTEE — A united voice can often make a change in society.

More than 30 students gathered on the steps of the Manistee City Hall on Friday morning, joining other students around the world to show concerns over the environment.

For two hours beginning at 7:30 a.m. Friday, students from Manistee High School were joining others like them around the world in respectfully protesting a need for greater concerns about the environment and the need to address climate change.

More than 30 students gathered on the steps of Manistee City Hall with signs they waved while chanting slogans promoting the need for people to protect the environment.

“Today across the globe millions of students across the globe are striking to promote political action on climate change,” said MHS student Solana Postma, who was one of the organizers of the local event. “We decided to organize a  Manistee chapter for the strike, so we are trying to encourage our city to make Manistee a clean space to live in.”

The students also said they are hoping to encourage the state representatives to protect the Great Lakes.

“We also are trying to encourage our federal representatives to put restrictions on carbon and fossil fuel emissions,” said Postma. “We also want them to think about climate change when they make laws.”

All the students said they just wanted to state their opinion and that is why they joined in the movement on Friday. Students said they are the future and want to make sure the planet is in good shape for years to come.

“We all got together and made signs to protest, as we feel why educate us if our future might not even be there, so we are striking from school today,” said Postma. “We encourage everyone to call our representatives and senators and express their opinions on it.”



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