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BRIAN DICKERSON: Playing chicken with lame duck

(TNS) In the two years they’ve led their respective parties’ caucuses in the Michigan House, Republican Speaker Jase Bolger and Democratic Minority Leader Tim Greimel have cultivated a relationship nearly as trusting as the one between Israel and Hamas. Or at least that’s what you might conclude after a series of testy public exchanges in […]

Thanksgiving thoughts

By MARKUS JEROMIN Pastor, Providence Presbyterian Church of Manistee Rudyard Kipling was a writer and poet whose works were widely enjoyed during his lifetime. One day a news reporter came up to him and said, “Mr. Kipling, somebody has calculated that the money you make from your writings amounts to over $100 a word.” Mr. […]

JAY AMBROSE: The new, scary, up and at ‘em Obama

(TNS) President Barack Obama, who was once a seemingly laid back, autocratically minded, economically confused, deceptive, politically klutzy, often naive Big Government worshipper, has changed since an election in which voters said they were dismayed at his doings. He is not laid back anymore. Consider, for instance, his frenzied, constitutionally dubious determination to disregard congressional […]

JIM HIGHTOWER: The first casualty of war

A truth-telling general admits that Washington got it wrong in both Iraq and Afghanistan   Reflecting on World War I, California Senator Hiram Johnson famously said: “The first casualty when war comes is truth.” Actually, in America’s recent wars, officials have slaughtered the truth even before the fighting. The Bush-Cheney regime hustled America into its […]