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RONNIE MCBRAYER: Let go … or be dragged

By RONNIE McBRAYER Syndicated columnist A friend who has some experience with rodeo horses sent me a most picturesque proverb: “Let go or be dragged.” Whether this phrase was first spoken by a Zen master who had achieved enlightenment on the mountainside, or by a battered cowboy nursing his shattered bones and pulling cacti from […]

JACK SPENCER: Count on the media to mishandle this story

Ohio has recently jumped ahead of Michigan in the evaluation of wind energy. It has repealed a requirement that wind-generated electricity be produced in-state, created new regulations to prevent wind turbines from being built too close to homes and put its overall wind energy mandate on hold until further study of it takes place. Not […]

MCKENNA FINK: It takes a village to raise a child

MCKENNA FINK: It takes a village to raise a child

Education page coordinator note: This is fourth in a series of columns by area students writing about their views on education. Today, Bear Lake senior McKenna Fink writes about the benefits of attending a small school. When I was asked the question, “What is it like being at a small school?” The first thing that […]

TIM SKUBICK: Shades of Bill Clinton!

TIM SKUBICK: Shades of Bill Clinton!

This story is shades of Bill Clinton who coined the immortal line, “it depends on what the definition of is, is.” In the verbal war between the state GOP and the Democratic candidate for governor, it depends on what the definition of plan, is. Every time Mark Schauer opens his mouth, the state Republican Party […]

Senior center to host monthly pot luck Sunday

By SARAH HOWARD Manistee Senior Center director Hola, Manistee! If you are new to the area, I hope you are enjoying our beautiful little town! I have been trying to get caught up this week, so I have more time to have fun with everyone at the Manistee Senior Center. We are so lucky to […]

SARAH ARCHER: Take Proper Care of Used Motor Oil

Recycling is good for the environment; however recycling materials improperly can have the reverse effect. This is especially true with used motor oil. This week used motor oil, oil soaked rags and oil filters were dropped into the recycling container in Onekama Township. Although the signage indicates no motor oil, someone chose to dispose of these items improperly […]