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JOHN HANSON: A lesson from history

Do the candidates know what made America great? By JOHN HANSON Guest Columnist As we approach the mid-term elections on Nov. 4, it would do well for us to consider the present condition of our country and where we are headed. Economically we are tremendously deep in debt. Militarily we are becoming weaker as we watch other […]

KATE WHITE: Ask landlords to weatherize rentals

By KATE BIRNBRYER WHITE Guest Columnist Ask all the landlords you know to weatherize their rental properties. It will save energy, money and improve housing in the community. Gov. Rick Snyder has proclaimed Oct. 30 as Weatherization Day, and it is a great time to get homes ready for winter. Energy efficient homes save money for landlords who include […]

EVELYN SZPLIET: Looking for answers? Try 2-1-1

When searching for resources through a service guide or phone book or on the Internet, personal interaction is restricted to scrolling through a list of organizations or flipping pages. It is static data that lacks warmth and compassion. When dialing 2-1-1, a line of communication is opened and a relationship started. Callers can explain their […]

GUEST COLUMN: Reading is fundamental

Project Read Northwest aims to improve reading, writing skills of citizens Imagine what your life would be like if you could not read — not a book, menu, grocery list or product label, street sign, newspaper, driver’s license handbook, prescription or an insurance form. Not a job application, report card, ballot, greeting card, letter or an […]