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OUR VIEW: Relay for Life aids in fight against cancer

In 2014, there will be an estimated 1,665,540 new cancer cases diagnosed and 585,720 cancer deaths in the United States. With those numbers, it’s hard to find someone who has not been touched by cancer in some way. Locally, residents can help the American Cancer Society fight back by participating in and supporting Manistee County’s Relay […]

GUEST VIEW: Better-educated public school kids — for a price

The following editorial appeared Wednesday in the Los Angeles Times:   Children in the United States get unequal educations; that’s unfair but unlikely to change in the near future. Some school districts have more money to spend than others. Wealthy parents can sign up their children for private tutoring. In some districts, not-for-profit private foundations […]

GUEST VIEW: Keep your attention on the road

The following editorial was published in the July 9 edition of the Grand Haven Tribune: Anytime your cellphone is in your hand, you’re distracted. It doesn’t matter if you’re checking emails, looking up a destination on a map application, changing songs on your iTunes account or trying to find a phone number. Even using Siri […]

OUR VIEW: Use some common sense this summer

“There is nothing more uncommon than common sense.”  — Frank Lloyd Wright, American architect As we move slowly through summer, it grows ever harder not to notice the increasing number of incidents in and around our community in which a healthy dose of common sense seems to be lacking. Law enforcement officials receive complaints concerning the […]