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WINDSOR: Tigers’ Smyly belongs in rotation

It’s easy to forget because of the grand slam and the elated Boston police officer and the tumbling Torii Hunter. But three batters before David Ortiz lifted that gut-bomb over the rightfield wall last year in Game 2 of the American League Championship Series, Drew Smyly issued a walk. To a lefty. He was asked […]

SEIDEL: Swing change propels J.D. Martinez

By JEFF SEIDEL MCT Columnist You know what they say: One man’s suspension can be another man’s inspiration. OK, maybe they don’t say that, but it starts to explain why J.D. Martinez is ripping the cover off the ball for the Tigers. And it starts with Ryan Braun. Almost a year ago, Braun was suspended […]

SAVELA: Giving in to World Cup fever

SAVELA: Giving in to World Cup fever

Time was ticking down in the final game of my short-lived soccer career, and it was running out on my dream of scoring a goal. I was in fourth grade, had played nearly three full seasons of soccer, and with two left feet didn’t have a single statistic to my name. Until that day. I […]